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Hello everyone!

Been a long time…. Real life has been hard, as I’m sure it’s the same for you all. I’m swamped having to do projects for school, it like all the teachers have formed a group that have as an objective occupying as much free as we have and the down point is that I’m in my final year, you would think they’d go easy on us… but no! I swear every time I see them I feel like they’re laughing. But enough complaining!

Here’s this week chapter and possibly the only one for a long time ( as there are no courageous applicants ):

Yaki Mochi Yaki na Koimonogatari ch6 - Another completed project, enjoy.

For those that are serious and really want to join, head over to the recruitment page. We need Editors, Typesetters and Cleaners. We have a lot of projects that need love from you.


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It’s Saturday!!!


Thank you Captain Obvious!

I’m sure everyone knows it’s Saturday, but finding a good title is hard, especially for me, as I’m not good with writing or creative writing, or anything writing related. So yeah…. (awkward pause).

Don’t really know what else I should write so here’s this week chapter:

 Kootetsu no Hana ch3 - It was pretty sad, poor Souji, glad for the happy ending though

Also we need:

Reliable cleaners, typesetters and editors for all the delicious projects we have. So head over to the recruitment page and apply.

Have a beautiful Saturday!



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It’s Too Quiet



As the title says: in Midnight Scans there’s a silence that I don’t like. You may wonder if we’re going to release 4-5 chapters in one time. The answer is : we will, when we have the staff to do it. Yes, I’m complaining, but hey…. it’s justified.

So, to celebrate another week of surviving, here’s a chapter of Virgin Hotel. No Majo no Biyako this week, sorry to disappoint.

  • Virgin Hotel Ch09 – Lots of unexpected things happening in this chapter, so enjoy.

As for recruitment’s, we really need typesetters, cleaners’ and editors’. We have a lot of projects that we want to release, so give us a helping hand. For those of you that don’t know, an editor does the job of a cleaner and a typesetter. We’ve received lots of emails with this question, so I wanted to clarify.

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Happy Birthday, Women!!!


Hello everyone,

First, I want to say Happy Birthday to all of you on this special day that it’s the women’s day. It’s a day to be joyful, happy and best off all receive lots of flowers. I love gifts… but again what girl doesn’t?

I know that you’ve been waiting a lot of time for this particular chapter… so here’s my gift to you:

  •   Majo no Biyaku Ch04 – I don’t read this manga, but with all the good reviews… maybe I should start

Also, a very important matter: Don’t apply to MS if you don’t have the intention to send the test back. We are prepared to train you in being the best you can be, so don’t be afraid.

So for those that aren’t scared to receive a reply on how the test went, head over to the recruitment page and fill one of the position. We really need Cleaners, Typesetters and Editors


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