Apparently…it seems I cannot graduate from MS and leave the group by itself…because when I did that…everything seems to go slow-mo >.> and even a few Cleaners/Editor, TLers and PRers running away from the group .-.

Nooooo my slavery force is turn upside down… *Imperial March tune from Star Wars seems to be playing continuosly in my mind*

Basically…I have been summoned back from dead…I wished to stay on dead but still there are much work to be done…too much love is needed by the staffs since they cannot function without “love”. #EpicLove would be the best hashtag…or maybe #FailedRetirement… either way…its time for me to kick some butt here in order fangurls of MS gets their releases Smilie: :D

Without much ado… “Okaeri!!!” hahahaha >.>
And yes, here are the release…

We are still terribly in need of staffs that are able to clean and edit shoujos…(We still have alot of other shoujo to clear off… before advancing to smut realm)
If you are seriously interested, please drop at the recruitment page and apply Smilie: :D

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Oooh we have a release after…

Oh gosh…the last post I’ve written was in April…and guess what…yea we went dead again…because I have to concentrate back onto my studies… I seriously blame atty for leaving the whole MS to me and the rest of us…Did she really think we are capable to run the group while she is gone…Apparently, her judgement was WRONG…the hat or shoes to fill in are just to big and wide *sighs* I should not continue to rant…just so I can spite atty to come back…instead I shall deliver you some releases ahahaha Smilie: :D

Our releases…

  • Office de Animal Love Ch03: So another smut release here…so have fun!
  • Datte Aishiteru Ch04: We are reviving this series…from the dead.
  • Himekei Doll Ch21: Ohhh yea another dead series revived! Finally, someone COUGHmeCOUGH was willing to edit this series…or else it would have still be collecting dust at a corner.

Before I leave you all to glomp Suzume for the releases, I’d just like to share a reminder that We in Midnight Scans are still looking for new staffs…please check below to see which positions we need!!!

Position that needs filling up are :

  • Reliable Cleaners, Editors and Typesetters for our various josei/shoujo/smut mangas.
  • Reliable Proofreaders for our various josei/shoujo/smut mangas.

Come head over to the recruitment page and send us an email. We promise not to hog onto handsome dudes Smilie: :D


So because I’m lazy, I’ve decided to just edit this post rather then making a new one. Also because apparently there’s a fever that accompanies World Cup and has been caught by none other than our lovely atty-sama, we’ve decided to release another chapter today. We are so generous, aren’t we?

  • Himekei Doll Ch22: this series is not collecting dust anymore, be prepared cause there will be more

Lastly, for those that wish to help us, head over to the recruitment page, and apply. Promise I won’t bite! Look a bit up for the positions available!



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Just Because…


Hello everyone!

Been a long time…. Real life has been hard, as I’m sure it’s the same for you all. I’m swamped having to do projects for school, it like all the teachers have formed a group that have as an objective occupying as much free as we have and the down point is that I’m in my final year, you would think they’d go easy on us… but no! I swear every time I see them I feel like they’re laughing. But enough complaining!

Here’s this week chapter and possibly the only one for a long time ( as there are no courageous applicants ):

Yaki Mochi Yaki na Koimonogatari ch6 - Another completed project, enjoy.

For those that are serious and really want to join, head over to the recruitment page. We need Editors, Typesetters and Cleaners. We have a lot of projects that need love from you.


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It’s Saturday!!!


Thank you Captain Obvious!

I’m sure everyone knows it’s Saturday, but finding a good title is hard, especially for me, as I’m not good with writing or creative writing, or anything writing related. So yeah…. (awkward pause).

Don’t really know what else I should write so here’s this week chapter:

 Kootetsu no Hana ch3 - It was pretty sad, poor Souji, glad for the happy ending though

Also we need:

Reliable cleaners, typesetters and editors for all the delicious projects we have. So head over to the recruitment page and apply.

Have a beautiful Saturday!



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